Receiving room Mazara del Vallo

Sala ricevimenti Mazara del Vallo

Living a fairy-tale

Our structure is the perfect location whereyou can spend your most beautiful day. The reception hall in Mazara del Vallo is completely surrounded by greenery.During the reception you can taste traditional and international dishes decorated by a team of professional chefs, always attentive to the freshness and genuineness of the raw materials used in the preparation of the dishes.
Tenuta Repiè wants to offer the best service to its guests. In our room we organize style weddings, thanks to the elegance of the location and to the support of an expert team who carefully studies and takes care of every detail of the ceremony.

Customised menus

The logistics of the service is dynamic, with the possibility of occupying different areas.We provide guests with an impeccable mise en place and high-quality table linen.We offer the possibility to customize the menu with adjoining courses. Great attention is given to the menus dedicated to coeliacs or those suffering from special intolerances and allergies. Tenuta Repiè has a wide selection of fine wines and liqueurs. Our qualified and available room staff is attentive to customer service in order to meet the needs of all customers. At our location you will find spaces available for children's entertainment. Call us immediately if you want to know more about our services or for reservations.